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M. Scott Fedyshyn


The Tax Reduction CPA®
CPA Certified Public Accountant 
CFP® Certified Financial Planner
CTC Certified Tax Coach
CTP Certified Tax Planner
CMA Certified Managerial Accountant
CFM Certified Financial Manager
MSA Masters of Science in Accounting
Life Insurance Licensed

FINRA 6803187

Photo of Scott Fedyshyn, CPA CFP The Tax Reduction CPA®

Scott Fedyshyn, renowned as The Tax Reduction CPA®, has revolutionized tax strategies, delivering over $1 billion in tax deductions to diverse clients since 2005. An alumnus of East Carolina University, Scott's educational foundation includes a focus on Financial Services and a Master's in Accounting, specializing in Healthcare Administration and Taxation. 

His illustrious career began at PricewaterhouseCoopers and Deloitte & Touche, where he excelled in strategic tax consultancy and accounting methods, earning multiple top-tier awards. Scott's expertise was pivotal in managing high-impact tax projects for major corporations and ultra high net worth individuals. His tenure at Electrolux and Duke Energy further honed his skills in strategic tax implementations and project management, overseeing significant tax projects and regulatory implementations.

Embracing entrepreneurship, Scott transitioned from corporate roles to establish a consulting practice, rapidly evolving into the purchase of an established CPA firm. Under his stewardship, the firm transformed from local compliance to a strategic tax reduction niche, incorporating holistic financial planning and extending services globally.

Scott's extensive credentials complement his deep technical tax knowledge, systems integration expertise, and comprehensive financial acumen. His community involvement includes a board position at the Cleveland County Chamber of Commerce and accolades like the Emerging 5 Business of the Year in 2019.

As the principal of Fedyshyn Financial Group and Redwood Tax Specialists, and CFO of Redwood Private Wealth, Scott leads with innovative insurance designs and wealth management solutions, catering to high net worth individuals and demonstrating unparalleled growth in assets management. His approach blends sophisticated tax planning with wealth management, ensuring clients access to top-tier financial strategies.

Educational Background

East Carolina University

Bachelors of Science in Business Administration, December 2002

     • Financial Services Concentration

Masters of Science in Accounting, December 2004

     • Health Care Administration Concentration

     • Taxation Concentration

Licenses / Credentials

BS, Business Administration, 2002

MSA, Masters of Science in Accounting, 2004

CPA, Certified Public Accountant, NC #32243, 2006

     • Scored in the 90s on 2 of the 4 tests

CMA, Certified Managerial Accountant, #29434, 2008

CFM, Certified Financial Manager, #4798, 2008

LSSYB, Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt, 2010

CFP®, Certified Financial Planner, #265998, 2016

CTC, Certified Tax Coach, 2017

Life Insurance, NC #16659416, 2017
FINRA Investment Advisor, CRD #6803187, 2017

CTP, Certified Tax Planner, 2018

CTS, Certified Tax Strategist, 2021


PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

“Exceptional” (highest) peer review performance rating 2006, 2007

National Chairman’s Award winner, Client Service 2006, 2007

National Knowledge Sharing Campaign Award, 2007

National Chairman’s Award nominee, Coaching and Development 2006, 2007

Nominated to join PwC’s Genesis Park, the Washington DC based “Think tank” for top performers

Cleveland County Emerging 5 Business of the Year, 2019

Fortune Magazine, March 2021

Employment Experience
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP 2005 – 2008

Tax Projects Delivery Group (TPDG)


Tax Specialization: Cost segregation, FAS 109, Like Kind Exchange, Accounting Method Changes, CapEx, Process Improvement, Technology Programming and Deployment, Tax Research and Strategy Design


TPDG is a “SWAT Team” of respected tax experts that deliver high-profile and high benefit tax reduction solutions to large multi-national corporations. Scott managed projects that drove 9-figure tax deductions, and supervised three of the largest financial restatements in US history, performing forensic accounting analysis on deferred tax balances (FAS 109), in the billions of dollars.


As a high performing workflow, technology implementation, and efficiency expert Scott also implemented automation solutions and process improvement procedures, literally writing the accounting operations manual for a Fortune ranked office supply company, resulting in an efficiency improvement of 1,500 annual hours in the tax department.


Scott frequently had access to the highest levels of C-suite corporate governance, working directly with CFO’s and Senior VP level client representatives to deliver tax consulting solutions with material financial statement impacts.


Tax reduction projects included

$117,000,000 depreciation study to a Fortune 10 bank

$260,000,000 like kind exchange implementation to a Fortune 500 equipment rental company

$100,000,000 depreciation and CapEx study to a Fortune 10 bank, overseeing a $400M Tier 4 datacenter build


Deloitte Tax LLP 2008-2010

National Federal Tax Services (NFTS)

Strategic Tax Advisory Team (STAT)


Tax Specialization: Cost segregation, Accounting Method Changes, CapEx, Revenue Recognition and Expense Accrual Methods, Tax Technology Programming and Deployment, Tax Research and Strategy Design

Scott was one of only 3 individuals in the United States appointed to the national Tax Technology Team, responsible for developing tax strategies, programming and deploying implementation tools, and providing national trainings on strategic tax reduction opportunities and proprietary technology. 

$420,000,000 in tax reduction projects designed and implemented, across a variety of industries.


Electrolux North America 2010-2013

Corporate Tax Analyst & Process Improvement 


Working internally for a large multinational corporation, Scott's primary focus was managing the technology and tax compliance filing services. Scott was appointed the Corptax administrator, and implemented efficiency processes to clean up hundreds of thousands of lines of coding to integrate with JDEdwards. Scott also spearheaded material IRS audit negotiations and utilized BNA Tax software for projections and scenario based outcomes.

During this tenure, Scott dramatically expanded his knowledge areas around tax compliance filings, with international, national, and multi-state operations and apportionment. 


Duke Energy 2013-2014

Manager of Special Projects


One of Scott's primary responsibilities in this role was to oversee the consolidated filing of the US tax return, and manage the consolidation of hundreds of individual entities, utilizing a distributed staff pool consisting of internal employees, an outside international accounting firm, and global staff resources. Scott led regular meetings with Sr and VP level employees and coordinated tasks among departments to ensure a timely and successful filing. 

Scott was also the primary architect of large scale tax implementations. This included the 1,000+ page Tangible Repair Regulations, and directing dozens of subsidiaries on integrating that new reporting standard. 


Scott was tasked with the identification and prioritization of tax reduction initiatives and worked with the VP of Tax to implement savings strategies. Tax projects with a financial statement impact of $100,000,000 or more were required to go under his direction and review. Scott worked hand in hand with the Finance Program Office, which carefully managed project implementations using PMBOK standardization, and reported financial recommendations to C-Suite executives including the CEO.

Tax deductions during Scott's tenure at Duke Energy exceeded $200M dollars.


M. Scott Fedyshyn CPA PLLC 2010-2014

Tax Reduction Consultant and Tax Compliance


Scott began his journey to Main Street consulting as a sole-proprietor, launching his own firm to review and amend tax returns for individuals and small businesses. This quickly led to expansion into tax return preparation, and providing ongoing accounting services to a wide base of businesses.


Watson, Triplett & Associates PLLC; 
Watson Fedyshyn & Associates PLLC; 
Fedyshyn CPA Group PLLC 2014-Current

Tax & Accounting Compliance


Scott continued to expand and acquired a well-established CPA firm in Shelby, NC, seamlessly integrating his existing clientele into the firm. This firm, with a history spanning several decades and known for its credibility in the community, was managing approximately 1,500 tax returns annually and providing monthly accounting and payroll services to around 200 clients, supported by a dedicated team of five full-time and two part-time employees.

Over time, Scott transformed the firm from a locally-focused, compliance-oriented service provider into a nationally recognized consultancy in tax planning. He diligently forged connections with leading subject matter experts and tax project teams across the nation, thereby enhancing the firm's capabilities on a national scale. His strategic incorporation of additional services, including advanced tax planning, financial planning, and sophisticated life insurance design for high net worth individuals, catalyzed significant growth. This evolution not only improved client and employee satisfaction but also led to a more efficient workforce and increased revenue streams.

Fedyshyn Financial Group, LLC 2017-Current

Principal, Lead Insurance and Financial Design Consultant


Fedyshyn Financial Group, under Scott expert leadership, excels in the strategic application of life insurance consulting, seamlessly aligning with the ethos of a CPA firm. Specializing in the design and implementation of fixed insurance and annuity-based products, Fedyshyn Financial adeptly integrates these into sophisticated tax planning strategies. This unique approach enhances the effectiveness of traditional financial planning, offering clients a more holistic and beneficial solution.

The synergy of robust tax planning with the stability and assurances offered by meticulously crafted insurance and annuity plans positions Fedyshyn Financial at the forefront of financial engineering. This combination allows the team to provide clients with a comprehensive, secure financial strategy that is unmatched in the industry, resonating well with the thorough and client-focused atmosphere of the CPA firm.


Redwood Private Wealth, LLC CRD# 312942 2021 - Current

Principal & CFO, Registered Investment Advisor (RIA)

Redwood Private Wealth stands as a testament to exceptional growth and innovation in the realm of Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs). Within just a few months of its inception, the firm has impressively amassed over $300 million in assets under management, with a consistent growth rate of approximately $100 million per quarter. This rapid expansion is a clear indicator of the high demand for its unique blend of services.

At the core of Redwood Private Wealth's success is its integrative approach, combining asset management, wealth management consulting, and strategic tax reduction planning. This holistic service model, all housed under one roof, offers clients a comprehensive and streamlined financial advisory experience. The fusion of these specialized services not only simplifies the wealth management process for clients but also ensures that every aspect of their financial health is addressed with expert precision and foresight. 

Redwood Private Wealth's ability to interweave these critical financial components positions it uniquely in the market, making it a sought-after destination for those seeking thorough, informed, and multi-faceted financial guidance.

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