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Fedyshyn CPA Group
Payroll & Sales Tax

Easy Done for you Payroll, Accuracy is Guaranteed
Direct Deposit for Employees:

 Enhance safety and convenience with our direct deposit services. It simplifies the payroll process and ensures secure and timely payment to employees.

Flexible Payroll Entry Options:

Choose your preferred method of payroll management. Enter payroll hours at your convenience through our user-friendly web interface, or opt for our team to handle it efficiently on your behalf.

Comprehensive Fixed Monthly Service: 

Our fixed monthly fee covers all aspects of payroll management including running payroll, reviewing calculations, making tax payments, and filing all quarterly and annual returns. This all-inclusive service ensures transparency and predictability in costs.

Separate Payroll Software Subscription: 

Clients have the flexibility to own their payroll software, providing access to additional support from the software company if needed. This arrangement enhances autonomy and ensures software continuity.

Guaranteed Timeliness and Accuracy: 

When managed by our firm, all tax payments and filings are guaranteed to be both timely and accurate. This guarantee provides peace of mind and protects against compliance issues.

Professional Support and Guidance: 

Our experienced team offers ongoing support and expert guidance. We ensure your payroll processes are aligned with current tax laws and best practices, helping you navigate complex payroll requirements with ease.

These benefits highlight our commitment to providing comprehensive, flexible, and reliable payroll services, tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients.

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