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A Streamlined Process

At Fedyshyn CPA Group, we pride ourselves on offering flexible and secure tax return preparation services across the United States. Our process is tailored to accommodate your needs, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience.

Information Submission:

You have the choice of transmitting your tax documents to us through various secure methods. For those preferring traditional methods, documents can be mailed to our physical office (we recommend using tracking for your peace of mind). Alternatively, you can utilize our robust online portal. This digital platform allows for the safe and efficient uploading of your tax information via our user-friendly online intake forms.

Accuracy and Deduction Optimization:

Our commitment to precision is unwavering. Every tax return undergoes a rigorous accuracy check, ensuring every detail is accounted for. Moreover, our experienced team meticulously reviews each return, often identifying additional deductible items that enhance your tax savings. This thorough approach is integral to our practice, ensuring you receive the maximum benefits entitled under the law.

Maximizing Efficiency in Data Collection:

For expenses not documented on formal government forms, we encourage the use of aggregation rather than individual receipt submissions. Summarizing and categorizing your expenses can significantly expedite the tax preparation process. While we do not require each receipt for the initial preparation, we advise you to retain them diligently. Keeping these receipts is crucial in the event of an IRS audit to substantiate your deductions.

Proprietary Tools for Non-Form Data:

Understanding the challenges faced by clients with rental activities, small businesses, or those who manage their own accounting without comprehensive tools like QuickBooks, we have developed proprietary Excel templates. These templates are designed to organize your financial information efficiently and ensure that you capture every possible deduction. They are intuitive and guide you through the process of compiling your financial data in a manner that is both thorough and conducive to an efficient tax preparation process.

Signing and Payment Flexibility:

Upon completion of your tax returns, we offer the convenience of both in-person and digital signing options. Payment for our services is equally flexible, accommodating both physical and electronic transactions to suit your preference.

Filing and Document Access:

Following the receipt of your signatures and payment, we promptly e-file your tax returns. For our local clients, a paper copy of the return is provided for your records. Clients who are remote or prefer digital solutions can easily access their tax returns through our secure online portal, ensuring your important documents are always within reach.

Our process is designed to be as effortless and efficient as possible, allowing you to focus on what matters most while we handle the complexities of your tax preparation.

**Guidance for QuickBooks Users: Self-Managed Accounting**
Scope of Services for Self-Accounting Clients:

Clients who utilize QuickBooks or similar accounting software to manage their own financial records play a pivotal role in the tax preparation process. At Fedyshyn CPA Group, our tax return preparation services are based on the data you provide. It's important to understand that this does not include an audit or review of your financial data.

Responsibility and Reporting:

If you handle your own bookkeeping, we rely on the accuracy and completeness of the information you provide. It is crucial for you to thoroughly review your accounting data, including the income statement and balance sheet. For a comprehensive understanding of your financial position, we request two-year comparative reports of both the income statement and balance sheet. This allows us to efficiently prepare your tax return based on the provided data.

Options for Additional Services:

Should you require clean-up of your financial records, this must be arranged as a separate service before the tax season begins. Alternatively, we can file for an extension of your tax return and perform this work after April. Please be aware that this will incur additional costs. Our goal is to ensure that your financial records are in optimal condition for tax preparation, but it is essential that clients managing their own bookkeeping maintain high standards of accuracy and organization.

Quality Assurance:

While we are here to assist with your tax preparation needs, if your ongoing bookkeeping is not done by Fedyshyn CPA Group, the responsibility of maintaining accurate and reliable bookkeeping rests with you, the client. We encourage all our QuickBooks users to maintain diligent financial records to ensure a smooth and effective tax preparation process. Our team is committed to working with the information you provide to achieve the best possible outcome for your tax return.

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