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Fedyshyn CPA Group
Accounting & Financial Reporting

A Streamlined Process
Fixed Monthly Fee for Comprehensive Services:

At Fedyshyn CPA Group, we offer a full suite of accounting and bookkeeping services for a fixed monthly fee. This transparent pricing structure ensures you receive comprehensive financial services without any surprise costs. Our approach is designed to provide consistent, high-quality accounting support tailored to your unique business needs.

In-House QuickBooks Expertise:

Our team specializes in QuickBooks Desktop, managing all accounting functions in-house to maintain the highest standards of accuracy and efficiency. We understand that some clients may prefer to maintain their version of QuickBooks for specific functions like accounts receivable. In these cases, we offer flexibility, allowing for a seamless integration of our services with your internal processes utilizing a dual accounting approach.

Dedicated Bookkeeping for Tax Filing:

We provide dedicated bookkeeping services specifically geared towards tax return preparation. This focused approach ensures consistency in your financial records, preventing any potential discrepancies that may arise from multiple parties manipulating data. By keeping the bookkeeping separate, we also ensure there are no interruptions in your daily business operations, saving valuable time and resources.

Preference for Electronic Transactions:

To enhance the efficiency of our bookkeeping services, we encourage the use of electronic payment methods such as ACH, debit, and credit transactions. This preference allows us to download transactions directly from your bank, ensuring accurate and efficient record-keeping with minimal follow-up required.

Early Tax Return Preparation Advantage:

Clients who utilize our bookkeeping services benefit from the possibility of early tax return preparation. Our proactive approach means we can often begin finalizing your books and initiating business tax return processes as early as the first few weeks of January. This early start ensures a timely and accurate filing.

Ongoing Financial Monitoring and Guidance:

By managing your bookkeeping, our team is in a unique position to monitor your financial status throughout the year actively. This continuous oversight allows us to provide timely recommendations, advice, and financial guidance, including tax estimates. Our intimate understanding of your finances each month ensures that you receive relevant and impactful insights.

Unlimited Access and Personal Consultations:

Our monthly clients enjoy the additional benefit of unlimited access to our staff for financial advice throughout the year via email. Moreover, as part of the fixed monthly fee, clients can schedule 30-minute consultations with Scott Fedyshyn, CPA, at no extra cost. These meetings offer a valuable opportunity to discuss financial strategies and receive personalized advice from an experienced professional.

In summary, our accounting and financial reporting services are tailored to offer comprehensive, efficient, and personalized financial management. We aim to provide peace of mind and strategic insights, allowing you to focus on what you do best – running your business.

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